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A Scientific necessity

In performance optimization, a scientific approach is a necessity to improve expertises and treatments.

The OPO method is a mixed marriage between high science knowledge, extreme technical ability and the human dimension of health care. Scientific knowledge is the source of our reflection process. The hand’s quality skills help us to offer a high level of service and unblock an invisible source of symptoms.

A Scientific necessity

The O.P.O research and development department aims to centralise scientific knowledge and innovations in order to support the O.P.O method with precise information. This is a considerable advantage for our team, which keeps them informed of the latest advanced searches. Added to this, the post-graduate training offers our therapists a chance to participate in learning a wide range of technical theories and skills, in order to merge more seamlessly with the O.P.O method.

This department is also a place of support for our customers. We hold internal meetings in order to benefit from the brainstorming of our expertise and knowledge. As a result, our team is always able to provide leading-edge services.

In addition, we are involved in a research process, in collaboration with international universities and their researchers. We are developing an experimental approach to the O.P.O method in order to challenge the difference of how, when and why a technique has to be used rather than if a technique is solely efficient on its own.

In order to make osteopathy’s current studies more relevant and adjacent to clinical results, we make it a point to join science and humanist philosophy in a new approach, applicable to fine manual therapies.

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