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The O.P.O. Expertise: A liberating and non-normative expertise

The mobility triangle

3 mobility factors

The human being is a multidimensional being in movement that must be considered as a whole. When subjected to constraints, it adapts through various neurophysiological, behavioral or hormonal defence mechanisms. This is at the expense of mobility and, general balance and results in the decline of individual potential. The situation appears frozen and the symptoms take hold over the long term.

3 mobility factors
Developing the hand’s sensation and emotional intelligence

Developing the hand’s sensation and emotional intelligence

Developing the hand’s sensation and emotional intelligence

Great overlooked by materialistic science, the trained hand is a high-precision tool for apprehending the invisible. At O.P.O, we consider movement in its usual dimension (quantitative) but we also bring a qualitative dimension to it. The training and the development of these tools are important allies in this search for the subtle.

The Patient as an actor of his own path

The Patient as an actor of his own path

Through a position of personal neutrality, the O.P.O. therapist restores the patient’s place in the process of care and development. At O.P.O. we are committed to providing expertise at the height of our knowledge, but this would be nothing without the total involvement of the patient/artist/athlete. Discovering one's optimal potential means first of all taking stock of the situation, wishing to free oneself from it, and then embodying the change that drives us.

The Patient as an actor of his own path

Relational horizontality

Relational horizontality

The horizontality of the patient-practitioner relationship established at O.P.O., associated with concept n°3, allows for the emergence of deeper solutions in line with the athlete. By applying this concept to interdisciplinary relations and exchanges, it is then possible to build bridges between the different actors and factors of performance and care. The objective is to make the whole team and project run more smoothly around the central element that is the patient/athlete/artist.

Synergy and potentiation

Synergy and potentiation

Phenomenon by which two people or two structures increase their efficiency through their interactions. This concept applies to larger entities such as a team, a company, or a movement.
The ability to leverage knowledge and skills from our different departments and areas of expertise offers our clients the opportunity to benefit from a rich and unique multidisciplinary approach capable of meeting their challenges and leading them towards the expression of their full potential.

Synergy and potentiation



Observation and Check-up

Gather a maximum of information => an evaluation

Complete Evaluation of any symptoms and background (i.e. wounds, accidents, injuries...)

GOAL : Identify performance breaks



Working sessions

Establish mutual dependance through different elements gathered

Restore micro mobilituy (qualitative and quantitative) on targeted area precisely and adequately

GOAL : Balance stability and freedom of movement (i.e. amplitude, fluidity, agility...)



Performance Optimization

Sharing key points (expertise and knowledge) with stage

Analyse and search for futherarea of progress

GOAL : Enhance the patient and his/her environment

Expression of the original potential, free of any constraint and bringing the expression of the masterpiece of the human being to its fullest expression. This brings out the O.P.O star of optimal potential.

OPO Consulting

To each person his potential

Like a professional performer, the therapist works hard to develop skills, fine technicality and a high level of practice. Science and art come together when the therapist frees himself from his experience and conditioning to connect with the singularity of the human being in front of him.

At O.P.O. we apply this method to improve and fluidify the work of our own team. Based on this experience and at the request of certain clients, we accompany structures towards the implementation of these concepts so that they can discover a way to make their internal workings more efficient and sustainable.

By restoring the mobility of the 3 factors making up the O.P.O. Mobility Triangle, and harmonizing the whole thanks to a qualitative and fine approach to movement, human being is led towards an artistic and profound dimension of his health and fulfillment.

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